Same same but different

What do we foresee about what the library is evolving to become?

I have to confess: I have no idea. But I hope it will be a place that is still valid in the days to come, where people can come together to work, have access to information and culture. I hope it is a place where we have the need of our users as our guiding star, not managing systems of information because “it is the right way to do so”, or because of system requirements.

I still think libraries will be a physical as well as digital place in the foreseeable future. It will be in connecting those two worlds that some of our greatest challenges lie. Evolving technologies can be seen as a obsticale and a barrier or a way forward. I really do hope that the libraries will choose the right path.

And by that, I don’t mean this:

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The summer school has started!

After a rough start with a cancelled flight and several hours in busses, I finally arrived at beautiful Korpoström. I feel tired but very excited about the course. Hopefully it will meet my expectations. =)

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