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Teaching for the future

I chose to watch the filmed presentation by Tim O’Reilly, as I was curious what insights this “guru” had to offer. His speech was very much geared towards programmers and companies working with 2.0 applications. It was very interesting, supporting the basic assumption that the next step for web 2.0 applications will be more connected with the world, using sensors and other available data. He gave an example of sensors monitoring our plants, and sending a message via twitter or SMS when the plants are “thirsty”, i.e. when the sensor detects that the soil is getting to dry.

This was a very general presentation and it was not in any way geared towards teaching, so in order to provide some better understanding of where this fits in the great scheme of things, I also quickly skimmed the Horizon report from 2010 (unfortunately I did not have time to read through it extensively). There the big topics seem to be mobile computing, open content etc.

I have not yet been able to connect the two worlds. For teaching in general, sure – there are lot’s of possible ways to utilize new technologies (mobile computing, sensors connected to web 2.0 applications etc.). I have a harder time seeing how this would connect to library teaching (informations literacy etc.). But that’s the challenge, I guess!

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